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Our Mission:

To provide excellent customer service, outstanding warranties and competitive prices.

Nu-Concepts promises to provide quality materials, workmanship and pride in all our endeavors of “exterior decorating”.

Nu-Concepts has integrity and pride in every job that has been completed since 1988. Nu-Concepts uses the best quality materials on the market to date, is concerned with even the smallest details and has kept, throughout the years, the same crews, who are highly experienced artisans.

Along with installing windows, “exterior decorating” has become a huge part of our expertise. We have become one of the leaders in specializing in “facelifts” for residential homes in the Chicago Metropolitan and Suburban areas.

Nu-Concepts representatives believe that any questions or concerns will always be followed up and addressed in a timely manner.


Our History:

Nu-Concepts Window Company was established Illinois in 1988 by it's founder, Steve Walowitz, to create not only energy-efficient windows and maintenance free exteriors, but to also add details which will increase the value of your property by creating a curb-side appeal.

Our growth at Nu-Concepts has been through creativity, paying attention to details, customer relations and building a reputation of consumer reliability.

For more information, read the testimonials from our satisfied customers.


Environmental Principal:

It is important to note that our product is "environmentally friendly." As responsible citizens, we at Nu-Concepts are very aware of the environmental issues of the future. With out product development, we continually try to make a difference. Our windows help reduce your overall energy excesses.

Please contact us for more information or if you have a project you would like to discuss with us.

Nu-Concepts Window Company
3378 Commercial Ave.
Northbrook, IL. 60062
Phone: 847.559.5224
Fax: 847 559 5231

Testimonials  (
  • "Ken the project went beautifully. The crew showed up on time, and with a crew of 5 guys, did the whole job in one day.
  • They custom built the portico on site. There were a few little things I asked them to change, (such as color of flashing) etc. and they were very accommodating.
  • Although the company drew a diagram of my home with the portico beforehand so I could see what it would look like, the project turned out more beautiful than I expected.
  • The workmanship, attention to detail and the quality is evident from the street.
  • Another bonus I was not expecting....they covered all the wood parts with aluminum siding material, making it virtually maintenance free.
  • The whole process was a pleasure and hassle-free!"
  • Read more testimonials from our satisfied customers HERE!






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