Financing ?

Big business has a formula for figuring out their profit margins and they need to operate at those levels to stay profitable.  The more they spend on advertizing, rent, salaries etc. the more you as the consumer pay.  It is simple math.
Once again I was in a home in Lake Forest and the homeowner asked if he could finance 1 year same as cash.  Wealthy man very successful lawyer.  I said you know you are paying interest on that 1 year and he responded not if I pay it in 1 year or before.

OK, the window company buys the window from a manufacturer.  They have to pay for it.  No other way.  Now that company put the window into your home and they must pay for labor to do that.  Now, they have paid for labor and material.  No other way.
They cannot wait a year for their money, no ones that rich; they bring that contract to a finance company and borrow the money at around 10% interest.  Who pays that 10%?  Not the company, they need to maintain that profit margin I referred to.  You, the consumer, pay – it is the price.  On top of that, if you the consumer doesn”t pay 1 year or sooner the interest you pay is retro-active at probably over 20%.  Where is the deal?

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Mike Mayer