Our business is intricate, like most.  Nu-Concepts Window Company designs, installs, builds and services hundreds of products each having to be researched,so only the best reach our customers.  We are experts at what we do, period, but a new area of expertise needs to be learned.

The age of the computer has taken over.  Pop-up ads, organic listings, paid for listings, facebook, twitter, etc.  Type in window or siding and the giants pop-up.  Deep pockets buy exposure on the internet, but the “diamonds in the ruff” are harder to find, and many times go unnoticed.

Keywords, round about research and specialized deeper searches can expose companies like Nu-Concepts.  We are a smaller company with sometimes a greater history, more product lines, more personalized service, better quality workmanship, newer innovated ideas, faster turn-a-round and we still go unnoticed.

We just finished four jobs in Lake Forest, IL; they were all large jobs, where windows, doors, siding and more were involved.  None of these jobs came from the internet.  All were referrals, but referrals are not enough.  The public needs to search deeper.  An example may be that you need siding, but your house may look even better if you install a portico, cupola or a pergola also.  Search portico, pergola or cupola instead. Specialized companies will show up.  You may be surprised to find a better company at a lower price.

Mike Mayer