Whose web ad should you pick?  Being on the top doesn’t necessarily mean their the best, it only means there paying Google the most for hits.  The giants spend more to advertise, so to be price competitive, they must spend less on labor or material or charge you more to keep their margins.  So again when scrolling for windows, doors, or siding who do you call or who’s website should you be driven to?

Think about this with logic.  If you believe all window and siding companies are equal in product and installation quality, pick anyone and go with the lowest price.  If you believe some companies may use finer quality material, better labor, and better supervision and may be more knowledgeable concerning you needs, than a little research may be necessary.

For example, should you only research vinyl windows versus wood or fiberglass windows?  Should you only research vinyl siding or should you learn about James Hardie, LP smart siding or cedar as an alternative.  Will the company take into consideration the location, architecture, value of your home, when trying to sell you product for all needs.

your looking a little deeper into who you call.  Sometimes smaller more specialized companies may be more attractive and more competitive.

I know when I call a company; I want to speak to a person who actually is involved.  I hate being shuffled from one department to the next for information.  Getting a person on the line that can help is important.

Nu-Concepts Window Company.

Mike Mayer